Welcome to The Wilbury

A local joint where you can find smoked sandwiches, highballs, cocktails, a large craft beer selection and live music. 

We are open for lunch, dinner and late night and have an assortment of activities including mini-bowling, foosball, billiards and an 18 ft shuffleboard table. Come say "Hi!"


What to Eat

A variety of pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken sandwiches served with homemade sauces and sides. Grab the full menu here.

Upcoming Events

FEB 16 States Avenue w/ Winded FREE

FEB 19 Fuzzzy Nickels Brunch Takeover FREE

FEB 24 Cat Family Records Birthday Party! DONATION

FEB 27 RC: Jucifer/Myakka/Sick Kids $5

MAR 3 Glass House Point / Wild Planet / King Complex / Pulsation LIVE FREE

MAR 4 RC: 30 Days of Rock

MAR 5 Wreckless Eric

MAR 9 You Blew It, All Get Out, Free Throw $5

MAR 10 Kane Strang

MAR 11 Merchandise and Chain of Flowers $6/$8

MAR 12 Half Waif, Long Beard, Alumine FREE

MAR 23 Dikembe, Expert Timing, Leaving Ritual, Winded $5

MAY 28 Emperor X! FREE



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The Wilbury